Invitation to participate in the Microsoft IT Research Panel

We are pleased to extend this invitation to you to participate in an IT research panel. The panel focus is targeted to virtualization activities in areas such as Windows Server, Intune, Application Virtualization and many others. At Microsoft, we believe the best way to design software is to do so with you, the customer, involved in the design and development process.


Research Gratuity

For your time and successful completion of a research activity you can receive a software gratuity or a gift card. Every time we contact you to see if you are available for a particular user research activity, we will let you know what the gratuity for that research activity is.


Research Panel Responsibilities

As a member of the research panel your primary responsibility will be to participate in various user research activities and provide feedback on a variety of products. Most of your interaction with the team will occur in the form of surveys, emails, phone calls and lab studies (if you are located near a Microsoft lab).


During the time you participate on the panel, we will contact you as often as once a week. You can choose what activities to participate in that align with your schedule. Research activities will not last longer than 2 hours and some will be shorter, such as surveys. You can remove yourself from the panel at any time.


To participate in this research, you will be required to complete a non-disclosure agreement, which protects any intellectual property exchanged as a result of participating in the research panel. You will not be allowed to share any of the information disclosed throughout the duration of the research panel. Please keep in mind that anything you share with us becomes the property of Microsoft. So please do not share any proprietary information of yours or your company.


Research Panel Contact Information

If you have any questions about the research panel please feel free to contact us prior to or anytime through the duration of the research.


Microsoft User Research


If you would like to participate in our panel, please complete the survey by clicking on the “Tell us a little about you” button below. The survey will help us to match you with research studies that are appropriate to your interests. The survey will take about 20-30 minutes to complete.