Thank you for taking the time to complete this 10 minute Microsoft Virtualization, Cloud and Data Center Management (CDM) IT Pro panel survey.


The CDM User Research team is looking for IT Pros that would like to help shape the future of virtualization management technologies. This survey will help us to determine if your job fits the appropriate expertise areas we seek for our panel.


More about the panel: Members of the panel will participate in interviews, usability studies, early design concept reviews, focus groups, and surveys. For many of the studies, we will offer participants Microsoft product gratuity offerings.


The process: To get started, complete the survey. We will contact you to schedule an interview if your job role fits the profiles we are looking for.

Note, you do not have to use Microsoft products to join the panel.

We are starting with US only panel but are working hard to address the legal requirements that will enable us to extend out to international IT Pros in the future.


If you do not currently fit a target profile, you may in the future! Keep an eye out for more invitations like this.


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